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    El Cheapo Sunfish Dolly

    ..the load carrying pieces are also scribed to the SF keel. Longer might be better, but didn't seem necessary, weight seems to spread nicely so far.
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    El Cheapo Sunfish Dolly

    Simple as can be, ready for asphalt, gravel, down hill, or lawn. Tire pressure is key in avoiding bounce/rocking
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    Inspection port placement old rudder style

    I had put in an inspection port in front of the old style ( 1964) brass hardware for several reasons, the hull was very wet, I had to re secure the lower blocking for the lower brass plate, and I had to fix a blocking for the traveler clip. The amount of foam block that had to be cut into was...
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    Phantom Inspection Port Location

    ...You will notice a lot of foam spray between the chines and the cockpit well, As for the backing plate for the block, there already is a stainless plate backing from the factory. Did you already start your project?
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    Take 2 Sunfish—Make Catamaran?

    Wow, this sounds like a big event, I might be around here for this,.... wait,...... I'm already here. The weather is not looking to good for the 5th, Issac is coming to visit with us.
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    An inexpensive tiller extension

    If we are talkin inexpensive, here is my version on the old style tiller. I used a modified leaf rake handle. The plastic acorn nut keeps one from scratching the deckpaint.
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    Rudder Gudgeon

    Here are some pics, ......I've tossed these up here before, sorry for repeating.
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    1975 sunfish restore hull/deck

    I had an old 72 that had loose foam blocks up front. I wanted to peel up the bow also, to reset them. I was nervous about jumping into this, and after looking at your pics, i'm glad that I sold it! Mine was going to be a see-if- I-can-do-it project, also. I was concerned with re attching the...
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    boom broke!

    Look back a couple of replies, he is the one who just offered some used spars for $40 These other replies just offered some excellent repair ideas, I sure will keep these in mind myself!
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    Trailer headaches

    I mean, the carpet that is used on bunks, not just household carpeting. Household carpet might hold on to moisture too long, where as bunk carpet, is thin enough to shed the water off, while driving from the lake. When wet, it tends to slide the hull nicely. By the way,I scribed the board to the...
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    Trailer headaches

    "The bunks would be covered with two layers of 3/8" pipe insulation foam". Regular bunk carpet would be fine, you could staple it tight, and when wet, they seem to slide the boat into place. I am thinking that there would be too much friction when the hull slides on the foam pipe...
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    Required safety equipment for sailing a Sunfish?

    ...I bring a combo, whistle/red light attached to my PFD, a small plastic paddle, ( it breaks down to fit in storage area. small lunch bag, large sponge ( we've beat this topic like a dead horse), hat and sunglasses... BTW, I paid $37.50 ( reg fees),for each Sm sailboat this year! $61.14 for my...
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    Self-Bailer Substitude

    "(yes I'm kind of cheap)", I just thought that you were looking for a cheap way, a $2 sponge, or a $46 replacement bailer. I don't even bother using the new bailer that I had put on, the sponge takes care of it. Oh well...
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    Self-Bailer Substitude the rest of them say, the bailer is a good idea, (on paper) but they don't work perfectly, (I even have a new plastic one), . I too, use a large grout sponge. It works as a bailer and while sailing in soft wind, I clean the boat with it. And at the end of a day of sailing, I again use it...