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Smilingdan wrote on markfisk's profile.
Mark: still interested in the rudder assembly. Is it still available? Price?
1089Willy wrote on Peter Loffler's profile.
Hi I'm interested in buying your j24, my number is 904 612 0239. I'm up in Jax but I can drive down and pick it up if the trailer is in good working order.

bfinel wrote on racerbob's profile.
I am interested in your sunfish. Is it still available?
lemon wrote on baseman's profile.
Good Afternoon, I've recently come across a comment of yours on a thread from 2016 stating that you might have a Scorpion rudder assembly available for purchase. Is the rudder still available and if so how much would it take to purchase it shipped to 53188?

Thank you and take care
HP Sunfish wrote on Doug Warren's profile.
Hi Doug, I think this is how to private message you.
You can reach me about the Sunfish 14 at
Then we can arrange a mutually convenient pick-up time.

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