worlds 2008

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I noticed in the Australian sailing mag that the worlds are coming to Australia in 2008, does any one know where they are going to be held:confused:

cheers all!!!
I understand it will be sailed on the ocean based out of a hotel on a bay just to the north of Sydney. As I recall sometime in late February to early March. This will be the Laser Senior and Master Worlds.
It is very hard to find any confirmation of this. Is this just for the Full rigs or the Radials as well? I thought that the next Master's worlds after Korea where going to be in Portugal. Also thought that the next major laser world championship to be held in Australia would be in Melbourne.
Terrigal in Feb/March seems to pretty much decided, but I don't like your chances of hearing anything official for a long time yet.

It seems crazy that it is virtually impossible to confirm information about Laser Worlds more than six months out from the regatta. Notice of Race and Entry Form for Korea were only released in late June, and the regatta is this month - that is less than three months notice to organise flights, accommodation, time off from work, etc. I asked the ILCA for info in March, and was told that they were too busy with the Radial and 4.7 worlds to think about the Full rig worlds. No wonder the attendance figures for Korea are low.

If the Laser is the biggest class in the world, surely we have the capacity to plan (and promote) a little further in advance. We certainly pay plenty of money to the ILCA to run things for us. It shouldn't be that difficult.

Anyway, the rumoured plan for 2008 is to hold the Nationals and Asian Pacifics, as well as the Australian Youth Championships in Melbourne in January. Then Sail Auckland for those keen enough, then back to Australia for the Open and Masters Worlds. Don't forget Go for Gold, Sail Brisbane and SIRS during December - it should be a great summer!