wind indicator


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If there were only a way to mount a presidential candidate on the front of the mast.

Those guys can notice and react to the slightest chage in the wind
Hey zoophyte, i wouldnt be talking, you're the one that has no life.
Hey Fish, I have a great life actually but sincerely appreciate your concern for it.

What are you like a professional forum disser.
Thanks for asking and yes, I relinquished my amateur status recently for the fame and fortune of professional forum dissing. The hours are great, the pay is sensational and I get to work from the tranquility of a sunny beach.
It sounds like the C-Vane becomes more popular because it's more solid ? I don't understand why the manufacturer does not add a piece of foam or anything equivalent so it could float instead of seeking, I don't know how many times I heard people saying I lost one, two ... indicators.

I still don't know why you say it's useless upwind !
It sounds like the C-Vane becomes more popular because it's more solid ?
As I understand it, the C-Vane's primary advantage is a mainsheet is unlikely to catch on it as the metal stay is above and below the vane itself. Whereas the Black Max or similar only have a single metal stay on the bottom thereby creating a giant hook for a mainsheet to catch on.


Hey Zoop, I got the C Vane and like it, and you can buy spare arrows when
it goes in the drink. Hey keep up the intertainment you missed your
calling I don't care if there is 3,000 comedians out of work your good.
That's good ! where did you find it ?, on APS site I don't think they sell the arrow separately. I'd like to find an arrow for the little one. One sure thing they make money with the gadget, the difference in price between the two is about 13 $ ! it costs probably 2$ to produce it maybe less.
Sorry about that I just had a senior moment that is intensitysails,com,
the replacement arrow is almost 8 bucks. Yes they get you coming
and going I know I have a Harley and HD stands for 100 bucks....