Whisker Pole Storage

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How are you guys storing your whisker poles?

I have the Forespar whisker pole, but I haven't been able to find any pole clamps small enough for the 1" dia.

I was thinking about mounting a couple of padeyes in the cockpit that I could hook the latches at each end into. I haven't spent a lot of time considering where might be the best place to do that though.

Again, any input would be greatly appreciated.

I like our whisker pole stored on the boom. The outer end of the boom has a PVC pipe maybe 3 in. dia. screwed onto it. The whisker pole slips in easily. Then the front of the whisker pole is clipped onto an eye strap screwed onto the forward end of the boom. Location on the starboard side of the boom makes it easiest to get to for a wing-on-wing with a starboard right-of-way which is an advantage especially when racing. Its best to put back on the boom a little before you jibe around a mark, otherwise the boom is unreachable for a while. Dick
I don't have many sailboat suppliers in the area and could not find one that I liked (most I saw were too big). I ended up making my own from aluminum conduit with a threaded coupling in the middle to the length specified in the handbook that I ordered from the sight here. Since I can take mine apart in the middle I store it in the cuddy and pull it out and screw it together when I need it. I used two metal clips (similar to what are used for dog leash clips) for the attachments and it seems to work fine. It sure makes a difference downwind but mine would not be good for racing because it has no mechanism for releasing the outside end remotely. I have to diconnect one end from the mast and pull it in to where I can release the clip on the clew of the jib. The poles seem quite pricey for what they are. I used some scrap conduit from work and the clips were about 2 bucks a piece so I dont have much in it and since I don't plan on racing, it suits me fine.

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Over the years the racers in our fleet have tried a number of ways of storing the pole. Most methods are good, but none are really accessible enough for fast action where you make a quick decision to set or douse the pole. So most of us simply toss it onto the cockpit floor.

But don't let me discourage your inventive spirits. Any good ideas will be welcome.
Ed is right It takes too long to put the pole on the boom when you have a tight mark rounding. I have my crew throw it on to the Starbord side of the boat that way it is ready for the windward mark. Also most of the new boats have a clip on the mast, so that you can place the pole on the mast while it is still cliped to the ring. If you are racing you MUST TAKE IT OFF. It will destroy the leech of your jib.
wisker pole storage

C-ME Marine Sales has some "Clip-It" boat hook holders for three sizes of poes inlcuding 1". I just got a new wisker pole from Catalina and am considering attaching it to the stbd side of the boom using these devices. You can check them out at www.c-mesales.com
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Anyone ever lose a whisker pole during a capsize if it was just thrown in the bottom of the boat? That's my concern with not having it attached to the boat somehow.

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Floating whisker pole

The bottom of Mission Bay is littered with sunken whisker poles. That's why I made my pole sink-proof. I drilled a small hole in the side of the pole, stuck in the outlet of a can of "instant foam" and fired away. (Don't overdo it! Too much and you'll blow off the end fittings.) Then I tested it - yep, it floats.