when do you know you're a Laser sailer


Just sailing
people get bruised and cut up on lasers? maybe I've been doing it long enough so that it does'nt happen
It's not the windy days when I get cuts and scrapes. It's on the light air days when I have to sit on top of cleats and contort my body at funny angles that my boat beats me up the most.

I knew a college girl once that did fordeck on a J-22. She was pretty hardcore and didn't let anything stop her, so she got her share of scrapes and bruises. She said one of her professors pulled her aside and asked if her boyfriend was beating her up.
From Ross's Blog:

"[A]s I was shortening up my downhaul with a fresh razer, I cut a honkin chunk out of the tip of my thumb, and it actually left a dent! It bleed like a sweaty pig in heat in July for 20 good minutes, and I actually felt fait and am still suprised I was able to walk myself back to my boat to lie down and drink some Gatoraid without passing out!"

Certainly sounds like a sailing related injury to me! It totally counts.
So, I write a response indicating that I enjoy Laser sailing even when I know there's no chance that I will win the regatta, and then I get flamed by someone (perhaps a young figure skater?) who learned how to spell from listening to Avril Lavigne.

Isn't the internet great!