What Type of Laser is it?

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Hello to all,

a few days ago, I found at "Google" a picture of a type of Laserboat, I never have seen before. I´ve seached at vanguard-shipyard- and performancssailcraft-websites - witout usable solution.
Look at this, please:

www.laemset.com/sailingboats.htm[ur...his is? Thanks for your comments LooserLu
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Thanks Chris!
Your comment helped a lot.
The reason why I didn´t found this boat-type at the websides of the Laser-shipbuilders is, that the boat went out of producing in the Year 2000.

Sometimes I don´t see the trees while standing in the wood... as we say in Germany :)

By your tips I could find another webside (from suitzerland) where all is explained in German and it has a nice fotogallery.


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i love the look of these boats and the "sugar scoop" on the transom, I reckon it would be blody fast upwind ;) but yeh so they dont make them anymore>? i love to sail one of those they should be promoted more(epecially in australia) :)
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Maybe, when my 46438 loved Laser-Standard gets digged in far very future, then I buy one of this "eps" (There are already some of them on the market, but they are all unreachable far away for me, because of the border-taxproblems here in Europe).
The"eps" has already a carbonrigg and hightech-sails :).
One of the big differences to the Laser-Standard is the fact, that the rigg needs short-"stays" (I hope its the right word for it - means the steal-ropes from the mast to the hull that hold the mast).

I think this boat is very interesting also to the original-out-of-the-box-boat-builder now. Besause they maybe are possible, to take a little bit of all the experiance of building and sailing this type of rigg to the new design of the Laser-radial-upper-mast. Wouldn´t that be useful? Ok, of course, i don´t like this "stays", I personally hope, it is possible to desgin the carbonrigg of the Laser-standard (of the 3rd century) without these stays, but as engineer I think, that some of the good idears of this boat are are already waiting to be used for the Laser-standard. I hope the official Laserdesigners read this ;-)

I´m also looking to sail one this "eps" as soon as possible...

Have a good "Labour-day"
it seems to me the stays (yes you were correct) are only there because the mast hole is not as deep as on a standard laser. but they only go to gooseneck height so it is really not much different to the laser because the part of the rig that does most of the work is still 'free-standing'

i agree with Tom about them being fast upwind, certainly in relation to the standard laser but i think the standard may not be so far behind downwind.

would be nice to get a spin on one, but im just dreaming
Ohh, The Contender; The Flying Dutchman's baby brother. Condenders really are a nice boat. I've sailed one before, it was beautiful to sail.
They use to be very popular here, and the 2 time world champion Aurthur Brett actually sailed at my club. Arthur use to sail the contender in our club races with no rudder just to make it a little bit more difficult for him. What amazed me was when one day a storm came through with winds of over 40 knots, and while most people capsized and needed attendance from rescue boats, Arthur managed to sail back to shore with ease, with no rudder! I don't know how he does it, and that race was quite a fair way off shore.
[OT] Re: What Type of Laser is it?

When I lived in Maryland the club I hung out at had a Contender fleet. I never got to sail one (in fact, I don't remember ever seeing any of them sailing...). I did get to sail an International Canoe. Quite the ride!



Geoff S.
hey guys! rite well the laser eps is alot like a Blaze X! tell me you've heard of them please! they aint really that good but theres still some on the market over here! upwind they arent that fast at all! i would say downwind on a reach they are better!
Contender is a mad man's boat! alot like an RS 600!
The RS 300 is one of the best hiking performance singlehanders around and alse goes like a ferrari 360 modena!
Dion would you want a Mussie? or an RS 700?
if you want pics just say and i'll post some! theres a MASSIVE choice of boats over here! you shoul all emmigrate to England!
Does anyone here sail thost silly little Bytes?
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"Does anyone here sail thost silly little Bytes?"
Never heard about, must be a sunfishsailingclass...... ;-) - or something for the computer.... ;-)
I only read at an Internethomepage about a dinghy, that is nominated to get chosen for the female sailors at Olympics 2008: Called "Flash" (or "Splash" for the lower squaremeter mainsail). Poor China......
Here is a Link to it
yes and its crap! soz flash/splash sailors! we had something on it in one of our magazines the other day!
its exactly like an old byte! i know the canadians are into Bytes, topper make them over here!
i think the laser radial will get the vote for the olympics! they are thinking of that as well! although the Europe is a fantastic boat! younger sister to finn i like to think!
as Steve Cockerill says: "its a transition machine"
Dont let the europe go, they are fantastic.
because only women can fit under the boom in a tack?

ive seen those videos from DrLaser of europes tacking, you wouldnt wanna sail without a lifejacket or you might not have any skin on your back at the end of the day
jackson, obviously you havent been to Black Roc YC for a while cause the yard there is full of contenders, and Arthur won his first worlds after i think 3 years of full on sailing the contender, every day, started at like 6am, sails out without rudder & centreboard down, i saw him do it in 20-25 knots without centreboard or rudder, leavin frankston when it was onshore, he was at it before work & after work, just sailing sailing sailing. he told me when he was teachin us for the sabot nationals, that he capsizes every time its over 15 knots, & if he doesnt that means he aint pushin it hard.
The RS600 was meant to take over from the Contender, my mate has one & he says there are better than the RS700 in some ways, heaps lighter, & i think he said the 700 has way more weather helm.
Bytes suck, Laser radial is better, the byte is FUGLY.
they have had basically the same discussion on www.sailinganarchy.com about the olympic boats that are gonna be used.