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Hello, I've been lurking about for a week or so and I'm thinking seriously about getting another sailboat. I like this forum, especially since I once happily owned a Capri 14.2. What a resource this forum would have been to me 17 years ago...
Anyway, I'm an avid windsurfer but got my start on the 14.2. Well, now my kids are wanting a jet-ski...to them that's better than watching dad shred the lake while hanging out on the beach. The kids are now old enough to crew and learn to sail and seem to be open to the idea of a sailboat. Mainly though, I foresee memories on the sailboat and I've been doing well avoiding jetskis.
I don't know if I'll find a Capri (locally) but I was wondering what you guys and gals thought of Hunter 146's, 170's and how they compare. Also, similar sized boats that I might check into for me and my two sons, age 14 and 17. I know how wonderful the Capri is so try to be objective if possible if you have knowledge/experience with other craft.

Thanks for your time,