Want to see/sail a Capri 14.2

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I am exploring the suitability of the Capri 14.2 as a family sailboat. As part of my research, I have done some reading about the boat, and corresponded with some owners by e-mail.

In order to finalize my decision to buy, it would be helpful to actually see one, or even better, to have a ride/sail one.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could do this?

I don't know anyone who has a 14.2 near Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where I live. I could drive to the states of Montana, Idaho, Washington (a bit far), or the provinces of British Columbia, or Saskatchewan. Any thoughts? Thank-you for the help.



Capri 14.2s are very good family sailboats, period. Catalina designs good boats, and generally builds the boats well too. For their shape and genre, they are fast(relatively speaking) and well behaved boats. Well taken care of C14.2s last many years. My university's sailing program teaches beginning and intermediate sailing classes on C14.2s and they take the abuse they get well, especially the Mod 3 hulls. They have a minimum of "boat bite" inducing fittings. As such they are suitable for children and older people. They seem to like winds around 12-14 knots the best.
The 14.2 is a great boat

I just purchased a used 14.2 and love it. It is my first sailboat and I am learning to sail with the boat. I have a family of three, my son is 7 years old and the boat is the perfect size for us. It is easy to trailer and rig. Ther is a group of FJ racers in my area and they commented on how solid the boat looks compared to their FJ's.
I was like you and was looking to try to find someone with a boat to look at but could not find one. My local Catalina dealer did not carry the 14.2 because the boat was to small for lake Erie. I bought my boat used. It is a 1992 that looks brand new. The boat was stored in a garage most of its life.

I found my boat by looking on the internet and finding the classified adds of newspapers in cities in my area and nearby stares. I also looked at www.catalina.com and www.traderonline.com. You may find someone in your area or driving range who is selling a boat and would be willing to take you out in it.

Good Luck
Roger Lohrey