Value of 1975 Capri 14.2

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I attempted to look up the NADA on this boat, and didn't find it on either Capri or Catalina listing in NADA. Does anyone have an idea of what this boat might be worth with trailer and no motor? It does have a good set of Kerr Sails which is a local sailmaker. Thanks.

Ron Carter
Value of 1975 Capri

If it was manufactured in 1975 by Capri or Catalina, and it's about 14' long, it's an Omega, not a Capri 14.2.
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75 Capri

Thanks for the response. I spoke to the seller, and it is a Capri 14.2, but it is one of the first ones with teak. I suspect that it is closer to an 1989-1990, or the first year. I am getting the VIN which will help. Thanks to anyone who has responded.