Traveler idea from a Rhodes 19

Since the knot method is as simple as it gets, ....there must be some additional function to this setup with all the extra hardware. Does it eliminate the need for a boom vang? I am real curious about what it does and how it works?
Wow, that's pretty impressive. But I don't think a traveller like this is necessary for a boat like ours. The idea behind a traveller is that by moving the mainsheet block leeward when close hauled in high air, you should be able to keep the boat from heeling too much without having to ease the mainsheet (and depowering the sail). As we generally keep our boats pretty flat by hiking out in that situation (and keep the boom as close to center as possible...hence the "knot"), I doubt this would make much of a difference for us. Now on a larger keel boat, a traveller is necessary because the boat naturally heels when heading up, but to keep it from heeling too much (and developing more weather helm and becoming unstable), you can change the mainsail's angle of attack by moving the mainsheet block. Seems way too complicated for a C 14.2, but I must say it looks pretty cool!
I just looked up the specifications for the Rhodes 19 (see below). This is a way different boat than a C 14.2. Much heavier and I wonder if the person who came up with this traveller configuration has the keel version. That would make more sense.


Overall Length 19' 2" 19' 2"
Waterline Length 17' 9" 17' 9"
Beam 7' 0" 7' 0"
Draft Minimum 3' 3" 10"
Draft Maximum 3' 3" 4' 11"
Sail Area 175 175
Recommended H.P. 2-6 2-6
Mast Height 27' 10" 27' 10"
Mast Length 28' 4" 25' 6"
Mast Weight 42 42
Boom Length 10' 4" 10' 4"
Boom Weight 10 10
Keel-C/B Material Iron Fiberglass
Keel-C/B Weight Approx. 440 70
Internal Lead Ballast 0 150
Rudder Type Fixed Kick Up
Rudder Material Mahogany Mahogany
Seating 6 6
Weight Complete Approx. 1325 1030
The Lightning uses a similar system allowing the trimmer to adjust travel car height as well as travel car lee or weather. If I recall right the Rhodes 19 uses the lightning rig in their boats.

The system would be overkill for the C14.2 and wouldn't fit class rules (Not an issue if you don't race in class). A simple non class legal upgrade would be a Snipe type continuous travel bridle/main sheet . Combined with vang sheeting, you'd be good to go.
Fan, it is interesting you bring up the snipe traveler. I've been thinking about incorporating its ideas. Here's a pict of it -- as you can see, it is quite complex.

-- Ed