Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

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Everyone on here has something to teach each of us. Whether you work in the field, are an expert at something, or are a novice and learned the hard way... Let's learn from each other. This is a space for everyone to post information for others to learn from. Share what you feel will help others.

Personally, I know Navionics so I'll start with a tip about Navionics. Something interesting that many people misunderstand is that the Navionics app does not require wifi or cell reception to work. As long as your device has an internal GPS the app will follow you and know where you are on the chart. No need to have wifi or cell reception! We use Navionics app on our phones and tablets throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas where cell reception is and wifi are both nearly non-existent.

OK, Post a useful tip. Go!