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So I just got this sunfish. Can anyone help me out. Can you tell me what model and year it is and what parts I need to get it up and going?


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Well... The AMF Alcort sticker on the front of the cockpit tub indicates that it is no older than a 1969. The halyard block started to be switched over to a the fixed fairlead eye next to the mast around 1971. The extended cockpit tub storage area came into being in 1971 as well although I have seen a few 1970's with the extended tub as they were probably did a rolling switch over. The hull number on the upper right transom came into being late in 1972 so unless it is there it is a 72 or older. The inspection port in the deck at the stern could be there to repair a problem with the new style rudder mount or installed to do the change over to the new rudder as well. Look for indications of the old style bronze finger biter rudder hardware fasteners as they went to the new rudder somewhere in 1972. The deck stripe pattern someone added.
The one item which I have never seen is the aluminum edge rolled covers. How cool is that! My guess... a late 1970 or early 1971.
This looks like it is a good hull if it is not damaged and waterlogged. I suggest you weigh the hull. Balance the hull on its side on a decent bathroom scale
and see what it weighs. It won't be exact but should be accurate + or - a few pounds. If it at or under 140lbs. you are OK; much heavier would indicate it has leaked and the interior foam has soaked up water.

Based on the photos, I think your hull is pre-1972. There is an inspection port near the stern and an indication that an earlier owner did a rudder upgrade from the pre-1972 design to the improved post-1972 design. I am pretty sure you have a 1971 hull because it has the cockpit storage compartment and probably the pre-1972 rudder; these were well built hulls, albeit a little heavy at about 135 lbs. when new. The red stripes were added - probably just red paint and the padded hull/deck edge trim is also aftermarket.

You did not mention if you had just the hull (and trailer?) or if you had other parts and gear. To get it sailing you will need: a mast and two booms with blocks and hardware, a sail, a halyard and mainsheet, a rudder/tiller/tiller extension assembly and a dagger board. You can buy these items here on the Forum or look for a donor boat that has all the parts but a hull worse off than yours.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
As indicated at the front cockpit view, the stripes are red tape.

Needs a gooseneck--of which, eBay has one cheap right now.
Needs a (rear) port cover, and likely the cockpit drain--especially if it's a cast aluminum De Persia.

As for a donor know what always happens when you find one? :rolleyes: