Sunfish to Super Sunfish?


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Note that to convert to a Super, you also need a traveler and associated hardware....

The traveler is a tube that mounts in the front of the cockpit. It has 'rubber' mounts.

The 137 sail is the one that came with the 'official' Alcort upgrade; the other one appears to be the predecessor, I think.
IMHO all that traveler get up was more show than function, like some sort of large yacht training simulator. My thought on emmulating that nowadays would be to mount a deck track along the cockpit lip rather than cluttering the cockpit space itself. I'll bet there's a self-tacking jib track out there for a ~16' - 20' boat that would be just the ticket.

If I were rigging a SuperFish today I believe I'd go for 3:1 mid-boom sheeting on a ratchet block like we are putting on the lateen rig these days. That and a standard vang would make a simple and efficient setup.

I think you are right, the "other sail" is from a Formula S.

I am the one with the SSF rig and sail for sale. I actually have two rigs and three sails. I plan to rig my SF with one and sell the others. The RWB sail is what was the Formula S and the only difference is that you slide the sail on the mast just like a Laser. The other (SSF) uses a halyard but requires a bunched up sail on the lower spar as there is no zipper like the Zuma uses.

By the way, the Zuma mast diameter is 2.5" and will not fit into a SF. The SSF mast is the same 2.25" dia. as the regular SF rig.

I am not going to rig a traveler as I still want to use the lateen rig. I plan to add a boom bail at the back of the SSF boom and rig a mainsheet similar to the laser with a two loop bridle. The only thing I have to add are the four cleats for the p&s outhaul and cunningham controls.