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Dear Bradley,

Under a post in the "Multi-Color Sail" thread, I had followed my signature with:
"Determined Not to Waste My Fellow Sailors' Time by Forcing Them to Check My Profile to Figure Out Who The Hell This Author Is"

You replied as:
"This is annoying; I have updated the template to display the Full Name and Sail Number with the post."

Thank you for your top-down measure. I presume you are saying "If my subscibers won't be civil enough to sign their names under their posts, than I will post it for them!"

With the new system, there NOW exists room for those of us who had originally registered using our real names to also use a "nickname". Is there anything that can be done to edit the existing "username"?


Shevy Gunter


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There is no 'automatic' way of doing this, however I will be glad to change usernames for you. This is only for users' whose nickname is the same as their real name. Please reply to this thread with your current username and desired username (This way I can know all request are authentic). I will then manually change the user names for you. Since it isn't automatic please allow some time for the change to take effect. I will send you an email once the changes have been made.

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Thanks, Brad!

Now that the Real Names automatically apppear, could you please change the current username "Shevy Gunter" to my nickname, "drLaser" (capitalized exactly as shown here) at your convenience.

Best regards,

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Thank you, Dankie, Faleminderit, Shukran, Shenorhagal em, Esker mila, Hvala, M goi, Dik', Danke, Kiitoksia, Efcharisto, Toda, Takk, Grazie, Arigato, Komapsumnida, Merci, Dziekuje, Obrigado, Multumesc, Spasibo, Hvala, Tack, Khawp khun & Tesekkurler,

.. and even Qe'ci'yew'yew', Brad!