Single Handing the Capri (how to?)

Singling C14

Caerus: Things really go to pot quickly when single-handing if your jib sheets hang up on a cleat on the mast while tacking in a strong wind. When that happens you have to leave the tiller to release the hangup and the boat goes crazy. So what I do is tie a small cover around the lower part of the mast to hide the hangup points. Also, shroud connections to chain plates need to be as clean as possible for same reason-- some taping helps there.

The other main problem point for me is when setting and retrieving your whisker pole re/wing-on-wing sailing. A friend does that well by first raising the centerboard then setting pole, the wind kind of blows the boat sideways during the process. I attach a bungee between the tiller and the rear hiking strap which gives some control for a little while while moving forward. Still, its a tricky move.

Re/ballast, if my crew doesn't show, I use two 45 lb sandbags that I place in the forward part of the cockpit, to meet the 300 lb. racing requirement of our local club. Sand ballast gets in the way of operating the centerboard a bit and is not nearly as good as an experienced crewperson in keeping the boat upright as it doesn't move to where its wanted. I suppose the ballast would be better in the forward compartment, but would be trouble getting in and out.