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I bought my 14.2 and I think the original changed some stuff. I am curious about the shroud adjustments. Does the original boat have just one clevis pin with a cotter ring?

Does anyone use multiple clevis pins for added strength?

How about a "fast pin" instead of a clevis pin? The reason I ask is the cotter ring looks pretty wimpy and seems it could thrashed fairly easily. And there is only one clevis pin per side.



Ed Jones

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Shorud clevis pin

Actually, there are two clevis pins per side, one to fasten the adjuster plate to the boat and one to attach it to the shroud. I agree that some rings are wimpy, so check yours frequently and/or replace it with a bigger one.

I can't visualize how you could use multiple clevis pins. For example, there's only the single loop at the end of the shroud, so the question doesn't make sense to me.

I don't recommend using "fast pins."
Once you get your rig setting where you want , take some rigging tape and tape around the pin and ring. Its easy and helps insure things stay in place.
I also suggest putting the clevis pins in from the outside of the boat and having the cotter rings on the inside. I had the rings on the outside and they snagged the jib sheet in the middle of a tack. That can get exciting when you're single-handling!