Sex, Lasers, and Texas Laws.


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In some of your dictionaries, one of the definitions of marriage is a "close union." In that context it is used in sentences such as:
The marriage of colors in Da Vinci's painting was marvelous.
The rig assembly is completed by the marriage of the boom and vang to the mast.

In Texas we just amended our constitution and the only objects that can be married here are men and women in a one to one relatrionship.

Not only am I concerned about being arrested for rigging my boat but if I host a regatta I may be indicted for conspiracy.

Want to be really frightened? Consider the following. What will happen when the police see the following description of our toys?

Lasers have a male aluminum top section with male plugs stufffed in its female ends. The male plugs are held in place by male rivets inserted in female holes in the male aluminum and plastic parts and those male rivets are secured in place by pulling the male part out of the female part of the rivet until the male part snaps off at the opening to the female part. The female collars are held in place with rivets whose male part is pulled to expand the female part where it serves as the male fastener inside the female holes in the aluminum and plastic. The entire assembly serves as the male part of the mast.

When we rig our boats, that male part of the mast is married to the female part of the mast which has a male part which is married to the boom. The vang is married to the male fitting on the mast by insertion of a male pin through TWO female parts of the vang and one female part of the mast fitting.

We are all going to jail!!!!
I think, its winter here on our side of the globe, kwilson ;0)
Some (like me) have time to "think", because sailing is not possible everywhere during that season.
And: `gov´ tries to bring an aspect of discussion, that unluckily has been started at the TLF thread about carbon-spars, to a new forums-thread for keeping the discussion at the carbon-spars-thread clean again (and he is right in doing that, I say).

But, I'm a f..l from the German-countryside, that want to learn more from Texas. What about the ladies there, that enter a Laser-hull for sailing HER in Texas? The lady is female and also the hull (the male end of the lower mast-section is sticked into the female-maststep of the hull... and: the male centrebord is sticked onto the female centreboard-trunk of the hull... and male pintles of the rudder-head are sticked into the female gudgeons of the hull and so on - ergo: the hull is female, I say).

The lady puts HER legs into the cockpit [that is female], is she now guilty enough to be sentenced to jail in Texas, because of having broken that law the gov has mentioned?

(A joke from the) LooserLu


I go out car shopping and this is what I come back to. Can't leave you alone for a second, Gouv. LooserLu, so this is what unemployment does to you! :rolleyes:



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Holy Harpsichords Batman!! How did my five star thread get booted from the laser sailing list. It is all about Laser sailing and fun.

But since we are off the subject...
Janet. I have never saved FEWER than $6000 by shopping among dealers for new trucks. My last truck I started at the dealer whose sign says...We will beat any deal in Texas. he offered me a truck for $29,500 with hail damage, vinyl seats, a grinding shift lever to put the thing in4 wheel drive, a crappy radio without a cd player, roll up windows and key in the slot doors.

I got electronic shift to 4 wheel drive, electric windows, cd and tape player, fancy electric seats in cloth, towing package, extra sturdy factory hitch, better tires, electric mirrors with defrosters, 6 year ful warranty policy, for under $27k. All i did was visit three dealers and tell them what I wanted and what the other guys had offered.

The entire process took less than 2 days. I don't make $5000 a day so I figure the time was well spent.

be patient and walk out a few times. You can save thousands

Also...I joined the Texas Game warden's association and became eligible to join and get a loan from the Public Employees Credit Union...That saved another pile of money on low interest rates.

Shop!!! Ask the salesman how to save more bucks and ask about ALL the available rebates. On the van I used for the Laser secretary job, I saved $1500 because my wife happened to taking college courses that semester.


gouvernail said:
Holy Harpsichords Batman!! How did my five star thread get booted from the laser sailing list. ]

Don't look at me; I was out car shopping! We'll give your car shopping suggestions a whirl. I don't make $5000 a day either. We have been to 2 dealers, one a Freightliner and the other a Dodge. It is exactly the same vehicle except for the logo slapped on it. I thought I'd rather have a Freightliner logo, because the 1st Sprinters marketed by them also had the Mercedes logo for their fuel efficient diesel engine in it, which gets 27 mpg on the highway. But the latest ones don't have the Mercedes logo, and the Frieghtliner guy "fibbed" to us. There's another F word. He only had 2005s on the lot, and he claimed that the 2006s hadn't come out yet because they were on a different production schedule in Europe. He also said Daimler Chrysler wasn't taking orders for them either. Turns out, according to the Dodge dealer that we went to, that Freightliner has lost its contract with D/C and this is the last year they will carry the Sprinter. The Dodge lot was full of 2006s. So I don't feel much like dealing with the Freightliner guy. Who knows what I'll get? Also, I'd have to have the vehicle serviced at Freightliner, not Dodge, at least that's what the liar said, and the Frieghtliner dealer is a good distance from my house. I wasn't keen on the Dodge because I hated that RAM emblem, but the salesman at the dealership pointed out that it looks like a uterus with ovaries. What a great salesman! Now there's only one other Dodge Sprinter dealer in the area that I know of, so that limits what I can do. Maybe I can use the Freightliner guy to play off the other two. He doesn't deserve any better.