Sail down, boom up?

Boat Cover Delema

I just saw your note and am on my out the door but thought I'd drop a quick reply.
I needed a sail cover for my 14.2 so I didn't have to store the mainsail. The place I found a very high quality canvas cover was Masthead. Here is the web site. They may have boat covers as well.

Another recommendation for Boomkicker

xcatboater said:
First, it works great. I went directly to the manufacturer (, as they are cheaper than West. You only need the small model K0312 ($82 including shipping). I HAD to get a kicker to support the boom, as I didn't want to install a topping lift, and my only halyard is already used to support my sunbrella sleeve that protects the furled jib. Man, it is STRONG. It supports my boom, tied-on main, AND my sail cover with no strain! The K0312 requires NO DRILLING, as the "sling" between the two rods supports the boom. Good luck with whatever you decide. :)

I installed a Boomkicker 1500 on my Dragonfly 1000 a few years ago. It was the first one they had sold for my type of boat, and they were very helpful with getting it just right. I can't imagine sailing without it. It beats a topping lift in every way!

When I offered to take a picture of the installation they were very appreciative. You can see the boat (folded at my dock) here:[url] click o...mkicker and vang on it (homemade). Steve B.