Nobody Wants To Be An Officer?

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Please don't take your displeasure with me out on Jack!!!

But seriously....

I do think the game would be better served by those who are young and full of that enthusiasm associated with refusal to accept "I don't care" for an answer.
My bad, I'm in the wrong... I knew I would raise Merrily's ire, for that, my apologies.

All accusations of direct or indirect screwing of Mr. Usher aside, your point is well taken, and the class will be served well by the injection of new 'blood'. Your post assumes that everyone that sails a laser have the same goals...

I support the class with my $$ when I am able, I just didnt feel it was appropriate to randomly chastise 20,000 people because they might not think the way you think they should. Enough said about that, bad mood today...

Part of the reason that I think people would not want to be an officer is due to the inexplicable bureaucracy associated with the class... I have two boats, my main purpose for which is to promote dinghy sailing, then promote Laser sailing.
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Re: Nobody Wants To Be An Officer

Ah but you saw right through me...

I think everybody should get off his butt and run my game for me so I can just go play.. They should not only do this because I said so; they should read my mind and know to serve my interests without having to be told....

he he he

Ross B

Re: Nobody Want To Be An Officer

Part of the reason that I think people would not want to be an officer is due to the inexplicable bureaucracy associated with the class...

Thats half the fun! I'm still game! Vote for me! (how does this work again?)
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How Can I Help Laser Sailing?

There are other many posts on the Forum which clearly demonstrate we have lots of willing people and few who feel able to get involved at a comfortable level.

It is your game. It is your hobby. It is your free time. It is your donation. It is your decisioin.

The Class currently has some definitions of positions which give general outlines of what people whith various titles might be asked to do..But those guidelines and titles don't matter one little bit.

What matters is that the game works.

The ONLY reason we have a Laser Class is to make the game work better. The titles and positions were made up by people who thought the postions were necessary to make the game work.

You can revisit the definition of any postion or the entire class association concept any time you please. There were no stone tablets.

You can do stuff to make the game work while taking on any role you feel like taking on.

It might be more effecient if you coordinate your efforts with the current set of officers of the tool called the Laser Class but if you want to do something for the game and make a part of the game you enjoy or care about work...simply have at it.

A few years ago, a guy from north undershoe decided we needed some coordination for masers events in North America. he invented himself a position and called himself the masters coordinator. He set up a website and until he burned out he created a monster website and updated it every few hours. The positon remains alive and is now held by a bunch of old farts.

Another guy decided we needed a Laser FAQ and he spent occasional evenings asking himself questions and posting the answers.

Another fellow set up DR

Bradley invented this forum.

I host the Easter regatta

Mary Helen Edgecomb invented and hosted the Bruce Cup.

John Bowden, Eric Faust and I built a five boat trailer

Kurt Taulbee paid his own way by transporting a dozen boats all around and chartering them for events.

Newt has his Orange Coffeepot.

Tracy reinvented the Laser Slalom.

Jack Swenson hosted a regatta at his house in Florida

Nobody currently holds the "never had one but we sure could use one" titles of:

Youth coordinator
Youth President
Youth VP
regatta party facilitator
trailering guru
hauling vehicle advisor
camping coordinator
casino on the way to regattas advisor
Family vacation and lasering website manager
future regatta site obtainer and facilitator
Sailing Instructions reviewer...Eric Robbins used to hav that title
District reports reaper
Illegal drugs coordinator
district website advisor
class photographer
t shirt drawing artist
regatta flyer artist
new sites reviewer
regatta reporter
ambassador to the Builder
ambasador to the ILCA
quality control committee chair
quality control committee member
official class whiner
class cheerleader
no wind toys and games advisor
maintenance expert
fleet meals and parties advisor
Stolen parts fence
manager of a list of places you can stay for cheap or free
coach's coordinator
Coach boat exterminator
race committe supplies
product review
Laser on your side....uses the clout of our association fo "ask" suppliers to resolve problems with our member customers
Traveling class regatta management team.
Scoring and making the scores available on the web..wouldn't it be nice if every laser race anywhere were posted on some site?
drag out former sailors person
exit interview person...when som,ebody quits you find out why?
Local churches near regatta sites finder facilitator
Great places to eat guy
baby photos on Lasers in garages website host.
get kids who are out of college and making a living back in lasers coordinator
New officer finder
contraception provider
annoying pain in the butt who is annoying because he is almost always right.......No that's my job but if you can do it better?? or just want to share?
Promotions manager
sponsorship coordinator
pugilist (open at least until Jan 1, 2009)
future plans
tweener coordinator ( to old to be competitive too young for masters)
traveling speaker and clinic operations
newsletter editor
website manager
US class president
regatta site janitor
Explosives and guns coordinator
Canadian class vice president
Olympic Committee representative
USSailing representative
O'Days representative
Class stylist
Youth Champs Representative
Smythe trophy rep.
High school lasering coordinator
College lasering Coordinator
Community sailing programs advisor
handicap laser sailing advisor
Fundraising regattas advisor and coordinator
Used laser disposal

My point is you can do any job you please. The Class has officers who are always willing and downright eager to add anybody new to the team of folks who care about making the game happen.

Most of the tasks hinted at above are not being done at all and few if any are being done as well an they could be.

You can invent any job you choose to try out for a while and do it for as long or short a period as you please.
it is as simple as a phone call or email like this:

hey guys. I have a printer and a stash of mailing labels and if you would give me access to your mailing lists I would be happy to generate mailing labels and email lists for regatta hosts. I have no interest in supplying labels to businesses and won't do that. I just want to help regattas and fleets happen."

I bet you can have that list and maybe you could even get the class to put a link on the opening page of the website.

something like

need an email list or set of mailing lables to spread the word about an upcoming event? Contact our promotions guru here with your needs.

The truth is, I built those features into the ACCESS database I delivered to the Class in 2002. With a couple clicks and a little banging on the keyboard Sheri can generate an email list or set of mailing labels from our class database. All she needs to do is define the set and click on print or file.

But..If we had a person who just loved to make those email lists and labels happen and who constantely pestered hosts to ask for them, maybe possibly more people would end up at our events.

Pick a job and do it...

If you don't

the game will die and it will be your fault.
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Re: Nobody Wants To Be An Officer

Actually, I don't think thie above post belongs in this thread.

it is not about being an officer...We have already clarly established: No One Wants to Be an Officer

They new thread was started in an attempt to broaden the sweep looking for folks who might possibly want to contribute to the laser game.

Lots of people are probably willing to do a smaller part than the OFFICER role.

The purpose of the new thread was to plant some seeds about smaller more manageable contributions that are not only welcome but necessary to the survival of our otherwise shrinking game.


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Re: Nobody Wants To Be An Officer

I think its very appropriate for this thread, Fred. If an outsider reads through all these posts he or she may be left wondering, "How Can I help?" and then here is the answer. Please keep all related discussion to helping the Laser class as an officer or other volunteer in this thread.

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Re: Nobody Wants To Be An Officer

OK . You sold me.

I am quite serious about my concern that many very important tasks are not being performed simply because no one is providing the inexhaustable personal energy supply

If I could request three edits:

1. how about changing the title to: Anybody Can Be a Classy Contributor
2. Dump posts #27 and #29
3. add a forum host's comment above post number one that includes>>
"Please keep all related discussion to helping the Laser class as an officer or other volunteer in this thread."

Just my two thousand cents and as I am not doing any of the work......just a request.