New sailor in the house.

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Welp, I finally finished re-furbing the trailer yesterday, so the boat is next!

I ordered me some Marine-Tex to patch the dings. Anyone have any experience with this, like maybe know any tips & tricks? I started chipping away the gelcoat around the dings and I'll be sanding tomorrow. I also sprung for the Interlux for the hull since they had yellow, but I'll probably still do Rust-oleum on the top white parts. I'll get some pics later, my camera memory card is full right now.:rolleyes:
Just a few observations. From the pictures of the trailer I do not see any "V" on the winch stand to hold the bow of the boat,(bow stop) just the strap to winch the boat up. I would think you would need something to keep the boat from sliding forward on the trailer. On my 16'er my winch stand also has an extension that hold the mast off the boat. Something has to keep the boat from sliding forward and hitting te winch. Looks by the snaps that the boat had a mooring cover at one time, thus the antifouling paint, as she must have been keep in the water. The edge you show (bumper rail) usually has a rubber insert that snaps into the groves. I know inserts can be bought at an RV store, as it is used on RV's on the awning rai, you would just have to match the width of the grovel. As far as the number of the boat, classes do it differently. On 2 of my boats the sail number is the boat production number, while on the Sunfish the sail number is assgned by the class (I believe) On my Comet the sail numer is also engraved in the centerboard trunk, thus boat and sails match. Looks like a nice boat that would sail/race with a crew of 2 but would also be a daysailer for 4.
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Yeah, the trailer photo is the "before" picture. I have no idea how they hauled the boat around with the trailer in that condition. I've replaced the wheels, hubs, carpet, wiring, lights, and paint and added a wench and V-shaped pad in the front. I might still add another stopper up front if the pad doesn't do the trick.

I also already have the bumper rail replacement but I'm waiting till after I clean up the aluminum rail to put it in. The new inserts are pretty flimsy so I'm going to put a rope behind it all the way around with waterproof caulk. Can't wait to get everything spruced-up!:D
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Haha, actually I didn't even mean "wench" or "winch"! Just not paying attention to what I was typing. It already had a winch when I got it, I added a trailer jack to get it off that bucket I was using before!:eek: