New bailer replacement...spring

Nah, say it in your own words. It'll have much more impact than if they get 20 mail-merge emails that all look exactly the same except for the sender. It's only a sentence or two. If you're articulate enough to post on these forums, you're articulate enough to get the message across in an email that takes less than 5 minutes to compose. (Admit it, you already spent more time than that on TLF today.)
Not sure I agree with that. Clive H is the one who is getting these emails - he visits and contributes on this forum so he already knows the story on the spring/ring and can already hear our voices. To me, that then says it's a numbers game and it doesn't matter that the msg is the same, just that he gets as many as possible to bring to the pohbahs...
if I remember correct to the last years, several small changes at the Laser have been done (such as for the diameter for the Megabolt at the rudderhead etc.). I woudn't be surprised, if in future such small changes will happen again. I know from the past, the class members had to vote on the changes at the ILCA Homepage...not a big thing to do. To permit that springs, not would be a big change to the ILCA ByLaws. Why not put that permition of springs for the autobailer into such a next voting. This springs seen to be a good idea. The boat not gets faster by using those springs, too is my opinion.

FYI, I just ordered a new bailer (my Laser didn't have one at all) from APS and they still come with O-rings... you have to order the spring kit separately.

Clearly I should have asked... I assumed that for $65 it would come with the latest and greatest.
It took me 3 days to get mine by air mail and they do the job perfectly. This O ring issue is the stupidest thing I ever seen in my life, the company who makes the bailer should admit the problem and fix it, the price they charge for their plastic guizmo does not make sense.
Bought them . . . Installed them . . .

Bailer works exactly as it is supposed to, exactly as it did before I changed out the relatively brand new O-rings as another bit of preventative boat work. However now I don't anticipate having to deal with any issues for the next several years.

This past Sunday in Newport I was just as likely to swamp the boat, bury the bow, capsize to weather or leave the bailer open after the finish and fill up with water as anyone else on the course. The competitors that beat me outsailed me in the breeze, and I didn't beat anyone else on the course because of my ability or inability to properly operate the bailer.

The only advantage to springs I can see is that I won't go fishing for the screwdriver quite as often as I once did.

No brainer.


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Some interesting developments then. Does this mean there might be a proper proposal for the new sail ready for the summer meeting then?
New sail? If there is a new sail wouldn't be class legal until Jan 2013, so we'll have to make do. From a personal point of view I think the current sail is fine.....
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At last we finally know that the Harken traveller/boom block setup will run about US$90; and that the upper section mast coupler without rivets is getting a serious review.