new 14.2 Capri owner needs help

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Hi, We live on a small private lake in central Florida and just bought a 1985 14.2 Capri with centerboard and brought it home today. It is still on the trailer by the lake cause we haven't sailed anything but a Snark and that was about 20 years ago and we can't figure out how to raise the mast or get it all rigged. No manual, of course, and can't find internet help with photos or "how-to's". Where can I get info on this particular boat? Thanks for any help. CD Wagner
Rigging C14.2

Either find a current member of the C 14.2 organization who can show you, or has a manual that comes along with the membership, or sign up yourself and you'll get a copy of the manual. You can find the nearest fleet in this site's menu on the left, and that might help find a local member.

Attach the bottom of mast with bolt thru the step with its top back over the stern, one can lift the fairly light mast then upright. Might help to have a small crutch temporarily set into the rudder gudgeons with the mast set on it before lifting. Have your crew attach forestay as you hold the mast forward, or plan ahead and use a line attached to jib halyard that you can tighten forward and fix from your position at the mast, then leave the cockpit to go forward to attach forestay. Attach the mainsheet to block on back of boom, run the other end down and thru the block on the traveler line, run it back up and thru the block at back of boom and then forward to the block near center of boom, thru it and down thru the block in middle of cockpit floor and then pull it thru its attached jam cleat, put figure 8 in end of sheet and that is ready to go. The rest you can probably figure out, though be sure to put the tiller beneath the traveler line as you are placing on the rudder. Setup after you've done it a bit takes 20-30 minutes.

Are you close to Lake Emma (near Groveland)? I'll probably get there some time this fall to visit my son, and if you are nearby could show you firsthand some C14.2 sailing tips. RK
New Guy wondering about the mast. Help.

Hey guys my O-14 has a mast on it that doesn't have a thru hole in the lower part. Is that normal with this sized boat? That is that the mast is held down by the weight and the wires and is not thru bolted?


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CFOY: Thanks for posting that manual! Would you mind if I grab it and post it on here as well?

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