Mast groove/sail track is warped

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Hey guys,

I have a 85 Capri 14.2. The previous owners had stored the boat with the mast held down by rubber bungee cords. Over time, I guess this made an area near the top of the mast warp so that the mast groove/sail track is slightly wider then it should be. So when I raise my mainsail, it comes out of the groove/track. I can still raise the sail to the top, but I am sure this affects the shape of the sail. Any one have any experience with fixing this problem?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Hello Carlos,
Based on your explanation, I am guessing that the mast has developed a bit of a bend towards the aft and causing the groove to spread open. Assuming you can see such a bend or have taken some measurements of the width of the groove at different points and are convinced that the groove is wider at the top, it may be possible to squeeze it back with a bit of careful clamping using a heavy "C" clamp and hardwood blocks. The hardwood blocks are for spreading the load to prevent denting the mast. If there is a significant bend, it could be possible to correct this with the use of some strong tie-down straps and a hydraulic jack.
Note: If you understand my suggestions for fixing the problem, you should have no problem correcting the defect! CHEERS!