Laser Storage on hull straps, why Bad idea?


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Hi all, recently got a nice second hand Laser and previously used 2 wide brackets with wide webbing straps to support a sunfish on her hull in two places, aft of midship and just aft of bow. It seems that from all that I have read it is advisable to store a laser on support posts under the side rails. I don’t have enough width in my storage location to keep her on the slip trolley (with the supports). What I haven’t found is what terrible things will happen by using the existing slings? Will be simple enough to make brackets that would emulate the slip trolley support struts, but I’m curious!
My experience is that I've stored my Laser (#555) for 10 years or so, year round, on my dolly with no discernable harm. The majority of the boat's weight is on the single strap.
The T bars on my trolley never fitted the hull properly, so I took them off.

The 1986 boat has been sitting on the trolley like that for 15+ years with no deformation.

It may be an issue with a new hull which may notbe fully cured
Strong points on a Laser are stern end of the cockpit and the maststep area, so if I was going to hang it that's where I'd put the straps.