Laser Kicker With New Allen Top Block


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I am looking to upgrade my Laser kicker system, and I was looking at some of the new Allen top 'key' blocks. My favorite is the 30mm High load sheave dynamic block with key (code: A2030HLF-873), but since there is no Beckett, there is no way to splice both ends of the primary line with a Brummel splice.

Has anyone found a work-around for this? One of my thoughts was cow hitching the block by passing a splice that isn't a locking splice through the hole in the block, but then I couldn't connect it to the 20mm Harken double T2 block I plan to use as the floating block, and so I was back at square 1.

Any ideas?
I use that setup. Spliced loop through the Allen block with a spliced loop on the other end that connects to the harken double block.
Any ideas?
Yes... 1) You don’t need the Allen key block. It’s rated lower than the Harken Line/Wire blocks and is massively overpriced.
2) You don’t need brummel (lock) splices. A simple (non-locking) eye splice is good enough anywhere on a Laser.

I have to correct the previous post a little :oops: I thought the block you (Monty) meant was the A2031XHL-873. There was some talk about it a few months ago.
The block that you're thinking about is apparently a brand new product as I found it in only one other place than Allen's own website. It looks smart, strong enough, and is relatively reasonably priced. That said, it's still no "upgrade" from the 25 mm Harken blocks which are even stronger and more compact at the same time.

I’ve tried 3 of them. The new Allen one, classic harken and the one that comes with Allen vang(kickers). From my experience I can tell u that the classic harken top block was the best one and the smoothest one and it resisted a lot of high loads (I’m sailing ILCA 6 or Radial, call it however you want). So their statement about high load in my opining is just a marketing idea.