Laser 2 - brand new condition, quite cool!

Interesting! I wasn't aware that PSNZ built any Laser 2s to begin with, let alone close to the end of their history, apparently. (My understanding is that they quit around 1997-98. Is that correct?)
The layout is quite similar to that of the European boats, with a few minor differences. (I wonder what the extra Clamcleat next to the mast step is for?)

Phillip, can you ask the seller what the sail/hull number is? Trade Me doesn't let me register as I'm outside NZL and AUS.

Well, that's a rather unexpected format! But after looking at a few possibilities, I think that the least unlikely alternative is February 1994, boat number 1. So instead of being one of the last Laser 2s built by PSNZ, it may actually be the first. That would at least coincide with the L2's involvement in the Youth Worlds from 1993 to '96. I really don't know the history of the class in NZL; all I have is a weak old rumour that it somehow wasn't thought to fit the local conditions and never became very popular.

If the above interpretation is right, then the sail number/IYRU plaque number is 96xx, and the boat hasn't been stored for "approximately ten" but more than 28 years!

(Interestingly enough, the builder's plaque is a Laser plaque, not a Laser 2 one - it even says "designed by Bruce Kirby"! Damn, how does one expect sailors to see the two boats as separate if the builders didn't? :confused: )