Klutz and Fatso Rule 42 Proposal

Can the current one pump per wave rule be improved?

  • No. It is perfect as it is.

    Votes: 10 71.4%
  • Maybe and we should at least try to improve it.

    Votes: 4 28.6%

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Gouver, my remark "much more experience in the sort of thing you are trying to promote" must be read bearing in mind that your whole thread is about trying to promote pumping.

Therefore I never said that you didn't have vast experience and success in sailing. I merely said that there are those who have much more experience (judging from what you have written yourself) in PUMPING. That was what you were trying to promote.

Please also see any remarks that you may interpret as personal in the light of the fact that you are repeatedly accusing others of being "closed minds" and scared of change, when in fact some merely have different views and experience and may in fact welcome other changes - but not this one. You have NO evidence that people who disagree with you are scared of change or closed minded.

Even if decide that Rule 42 is imperfect that doesn't mean it should be changed. The Laser bow shape may not be perfect. The way almost every class disadvantages shorter sailors is not perfect. The way the buoy room rule may not be perfect. The Laser rig is not perfect. But the alternatives are worse.

Anyway, no more from me, sorry for raving on.


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I would far rather race with you and drink beer after than continue this frustrating exchange.

I need to shut up on this subject but...
HECS wrote..."But the alternatives are worse."

My point is: You cannot possibly know that!

The statement assumes that after 100 years of amending and rewriting the rules of sailing the most recent version, which is not even 10 years old just happens to be the ultimate perfect never again to be improved because we have achieved perfection rule.

I don't buy that.

Refocusing: Sailing is something I do becuase it is just plain fun.

I would far rather race with you and drink beer after than continue this frustrating exchange.
gouvernail said:
The game and the rules which define it need to be constantly considered and good people need to contribute their best suggestions about possible corrections, additions, and subtractions...says me.
How about changing the rules so you can never throw out the last race of a regatta, all protests in the last race must be settled on the water (no going to the room) and in the last race the points are doubled?

Nah. Nobody would go along with that crazy idea........;)


gouvernail said:
OLd Geezer...you are Psychic. Lok at the ISAF proposal for the next Olympics
Gee, Gouv, Tracy posted it hours before Old Geezer's post. Hmm... maybe he can bend spoons with his special mind powers too.



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This was posted AFTER Tracy posted the Master's suggestion / comments thread. Since we just had a similar discussion I thought it would be a good idea to make this thread visible as well ...so up toi the top of the poage it goes...The poll is still open!!! as of right now, February 3 it is 10 votes.."everything is perfect" 4 votes...let's discuss it.
Interesting idea and some great discussion!
Obviously pumping and getting on a plane is about timing. In order to catch the wave, one has to pump at the right time with the right amount. The difficulty is, obviously, to figure out the "right" time and amount. Once you miss the wave you will have to do a lot of pumping in order to catch up with the wave (and often this is not possible). SO, what I envision is a fleet of lasers that after the flag is raised pumps continuously. Pumping involves body movement, and the result is that the boats starts to rock as well, which continuous into the plane and creates a good amount of speed.
I am not necessarily against this rule - I actually would like to try this - but how does one set the limitations? Can one simply pump and rock the boat as much as one likes.
Suppose the wind is increasing and some start to plane. The flag is raised, and everyone is pumping until they plane. But what happens if the wind dies again? Does the flag come down immediately, at the next mark, or not at all?
Just some thoughts,
gouvernail said:
My opinion on that matter is that lightweights gain downwind and heavyweights gain up wind. The gains upwind are rather small and the gains downwind are huge...But the typical course has more upwind work than downwind work and the heavyweights tend to come out ahead.
This has been my experience too. On strong wind days heavy weight sailors get the advantage, so why do we need a rule change to give them more of an advantage? Even with the upgraded vang/cunningham this is still the case.