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It's been a long time since anyone refered to me as junior. My dad gave me his first name many years ago when he sandwiched it in after mom's uncle Arthur so there was no need for junior.
What I was wondering about is how I earned the Junior Membership? Ed has been so kind as to use my stuff in the Main Sheet twice. I've been sailing since my kids were about knee high. I have some little ones running around calling me Grandpa.
My boss refered to grooming someone to take my place in about fifteen year when I retire. I told him my dad didn't survive much more than fifteen years from where I'm at.
Just wondering if I'll live long enough to earn my senior status?
Art, if its like some of the other message boards maybe your level rises as the amount of posts you leave on the board increases?

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Art - I'm also a grampa but the website refers to me as Jr. Member. Maybe Bradley, our webmaster, would know why this happens. Or maybe it's just one of the great mysteries, like where do unmatched socks go when they disappear...


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Kim is right,

The name changes depending on how many post made at the forum. The title on this forum has nothing to do with your status in the national association. We can change the defaults to something more interesting and related to sailing instead of just member or junior member. If you have any suggestions please post them.
It would kind of be nice to have names that were maybe a little more salty. I am a member of a Star Trek board site and they start out at ensign all the way up to admiral of the fleet. Maybe we could work our way up to Yachtsman, or some such name.:)
I referred to my dad, a 20-year Navy man, once as a chief petty officer when talking to my wife and him, and he cut right in with, "that's Senior Chief Petty Officer."

While the "junior" thing probably does seem a bit condescending, I hope we can come up with something that doesn't sound too "rank" oriented. (It's that rebelliousness from being born into the Navy and raised by a retired SCPO.) I'd certainly rather be considered an "old salt" someday rather than a "commodore." Plus I like to think of us all as "captains" of our own boats.