Jib window advice


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I just sailed my new-to-me Mod 1 Capri 14.2. I plan to take the jib to a sail repair shop this winter to enlarge the window. I'm wondering if anyone who has done this modification have any advice on where to place the new window on the jib and how large to go with it? I'm wondering if I should have them remove the old one and replace with a larger one, or add a larger longer window above it that runs further towards the bow? I've seen the Slo Sail pictures of their racing jibs and am considering to just tell them to replicate that look, though that would add additional expense and I'd like to keep the cost down as I plan to also have them add reefing points to the main sail.
I had SLO replace my stock jib window with what they called "the largest legal size" window. I am very please with the window as well as their work. My window is one piece. Call them and talk to them, they are very helpful.