jib coming off line.

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We are very new to this, but have discovered an issue you might be able to help me with.

We rig at the dock, and our jib has the plastic device that twists and hooks around the front stay, I guess it is called.

But when we get out on the water, two or three of the plastic things come undone, and we're left with the jib flapping in the wind. My wife typicaly can reach the bottom two that come off, but cannot reach the top one. She wants me to handle the rudder, so I'm not allowed to move around a lot.

Is there some trick we can do at the dock to keep it on the line?

We have now been out three times on our own, and my wife is actually starting to like to sail. I'm having a blast. Thank you for any suggestions. The boat is relatively old. I'm told the real teak dates it somewhat, if that helps anyone realize what model I'm talking about.

hanks coming off...convert to snaps


I, too, am new to sailing and purchased an older capri. If you can still read your hull number, contact Catalina. They can tell you what year your boat is and what model number.

Regarding your hanks coming off, I have experienced this problem myself. Several others in the Phoenix, Arizona fleet have snaps instead of hanks. I am considering converting to these as well because the hanks keep coming off.

I believe on of the reasons the hanks come off so easy is because the forestay is sloppy loose. I am told you want it sloppy loose, but this probably contributes to the hanks coming off.

The first couple of times I went up on the bow to reconnect the hanks, I was scared out of my wits. Now, I don't think twice about hopping up there and getting them back on. Of course, this doesn't help win the race.:)

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Jib hanks

The plastic hanks that Catalina uses on the jibs are a disgrace. I recommend taking (or mailing) such jibs to a sailmaker and replace them with snaps. These are on little straps, with male/female snaps. I'd guess the cost should be around $25 or so.

BTW, after installing them, put a dab of vaseline inside the female part of the snaps. This will prevent corrosion.
I second Ed's motion to have the hanks replaced with clips!

Mine stay clipped when the jib is raised. But, lower the dang thing, and you have to crawl out onto the bow and hook them back onto the forestay...every time!!
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thank you

thank you for your advice on the hanks.

It sounds like I should have them replaced over the winter.

I'm also happy to know I'm not the only person having problems with them.
My wife and I are new to sailing the Catalina 14.2 aslo. Bought a used, 1986, boat and took it out for the second time yesterday. Our first time out, last week, we experienced problems with the jib staying on the forstay also. Yesterday, as a quix fix, I put a small piece of riging tape around each hank as I clipped it on. This kept them on OK and we had no problems until we tried to lower the jib. Oneof the hanks, I think it was the top one, got hung up on the wire and I couldn't get the jib all the way down. Fortunately it was down enough I could secure it while we motored in to the ramp. I may have put too much tape on the hanks. It agree the best course is to replace them with a more user friendly hank. In the meantime I'll keep my roll of tape handy. Does anyone know if there is a do it yourself kit for replacing the jib hanks?