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I may have asked this before...does the Intensity dagger board or rudder have a metal framework? Or for that matter do the new LP blades have a framework? Iow are they basically the same disregarding legal and not class legal?

Edit... I know I had a recent thread asking if you like them or not
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Additionally, the Sunfish bible states the "new plastic" boards are just that...plastic versus fiberglass. Or at least sounds like that in the description. (page 28)... "a foam plastic with a tough urethane skin"...unless they're talking about polyurethane...Who knows?? Those terms are thrown around a lot....and they're all fiberglass for the most part. But...also stated in the bible, they do have steel rods in them. Intensity offers no details in their description for the most part. Length, etc. My current old "round" board (69 fish) measures 39" long X 9 1/2" . I presume the Intensity board will be 44 x 9 1/2"?

Shoot, time to just make a 50" board and negate being able to tack with the board pulled up slightly!! But it seems a tad more surface area is desired...wondering what the limits are before it's just wetted surface area drag.

btw, depth is not an issue where I sail for the most part, except obviously launching off the beach, etc.