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I have recently inherited a Laser - its old

I have a mast and a hull - nothing else, as I have always been on the dark side ( Topper) have no idea about how to identify the Laser but I am keen to do so so I can slowly purchase the required parts and eventually get afloat.

First question - how do I identify the type of Laser?


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What do you mean with "type"? There are three different sized rigs (lower mast and sail), but other than that, all Lasers are fundamentally identical. If your lower mast is up to 2865 millimetres long, it's a Standard mast. The Radial lower is 2262 mm; the 4.7 lower is 1810 mm and pre-bent at the gooseneck. The Radial was introduced in the early 1980s and the 4.7 in 1990 or so, but neither really caught on until much later - so if your boat really is "old", chances are you have a Standard mast.

What's the number of your boat? If it's a pre-1983 build, it's embossed under the bow eye. On the 1983 - 92 boats it's engraved on a metal plate riveted on to the aft wall of the cockpit, while newer boats have a sticker at the same location. (I assume here that yours was built in England; other builders have had different identification systems over the years.)
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Thanks for your reply much appreciated - by type I was thinking model

I will check on the details to identify the number of the boat

Do you know if I can download a how to rig guide so that I can start to source the missing pieces


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"Model" doesn't make much more sense... it's been the same model since 1971, basically :D Parts Locator.pdf Rigging Guide.pdf

As you can see. the builder has three different "levels" for several pieces of equipment - just plain "Laser", then "Race" and "XD". They're just marketing terms, so don't worry about them. Except what the class rules require, you actually have much more choice for individual parts.

This is a place I can recommend for buying it all: Laser Standard Radial 4.7 Boats and Spares | Dinghy Sailing at