How to transport tiller & extension on airplane??

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I've given myself the best Christmas gift by signing up for a training session at the International Sailing Academy in Mexico in January. I can't wait to go, but am not sure how to best transport my tiller and extension. I can envision putting it in a cardboard mailing tube and carrying aboard the airplane, but I'm not sure if the airlines will allow that. Does anyone have any experience with that?? Or any other suggestions?? I'm taking sails, rigging, and tiller/extension but not foils.
I made a pvc tube for it and shipped it to my destination- customs did cut the end off so I was quite glad I stuffed it very tight with a rag. If you are going to fly with it you would have to pay oversized price on it
Put it in your Broom Bag. I regularly fly with my carbon fibre curling brooms which just happen to be the same length as my tiller and Fatso Jr hiking stick (51"). As Lasersailor mentioned, they go into a pvc tube for crush protection and then into my broom bag. For obvious reasons, a long skinny tube inside of another long skinny tube will cause the TSA guys to open it up for a visual - I also put in a bunch of brouchures from USACurling, curling is a bit of an oddball sport here in the States...
Olson Stick Bag

Depending on your air carrier, you'll be charged for either a checked bag or sports equipment. I have never paid more than 25$. Curling brooms aren't allowed in the cabin, I can't imagine that a hiking stick would be either. Again, depending on your carrier, it will either come down the carrousel or the odd sized baggage pick up window.