How do I mend this deck?

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Here are some pictures showing more progress.

The first shows a gap where filler had fallen out under the cockpit floor (the boats upside down in all of these) - I've put some filler in there since I have access. The second shows a pre-emptive strike against leaks at the centreboard and where I've replaced some foam and the piece of wood. The third shows the arrangement for supporting the foam while I fibreglass the inside and the fourth and fifth show it after I've taken the support away.

I dug out some foam from the deck mainly as it was wet (picture2) - it might have been better just to dry it out as it didn't show any sign of delaminating. It seems unsurprising that they gain weight as the lay up on the inside is quite porous. Weight is now about 140lbs.

I think the mast step repair kit might have been a good idea - but as far as I know they are not available in the UK.


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More progress and some questions.

I've finished laminating the inside of the new deck section - access is much better for the next stages.

My thoughts have been turning to the next stage - and what sort of finish to try on the deck. I've got two decisions to make.

First do I paint the deck or do I try and do a coloured resin finish - this is complicated by the fact that the deck was painted to hide the previous repair so if I want a coloured finish that paint would need removing. The paint is only on the deck not the cockpit and some of it seems loose.

Second how do I make a textured finish to blend in with the existing non slip pattern. I know I can't make a perfect match but I have a couple of ideas - I could use a roller to try and get a texture on the resin or I have some offcuts of floor covering with a textured pattern on the back. I could try painting that with mould release liquid and then pressing it onto the top layer of resin.

I'd welcome any thoughts on those.

Also I've been wondering about putting the new name on (Lazarus). Does anyone know which font is the best match for the Laser logo type face?

My thoughts have also turned to putting the fittings back on. If there is anyone out there who has upgraded their ratchet block and has a spare one they would like to contribute to Project Lazarus it would be gratefully received.



Good work! I am impressed!
I would paint the repair, since you will also need some kind of uv-protectant. Paint is good for that.
For the non-skid pattern: ideally you could make a mold by using another part of the deck. I am not sure how one does this. Alternatively you could just make the whole area around the mast non-skid.
Good luck!

Regarding the repair of the non skid pattern, I suggest you go to and search for a non-skid repair thread. A couple of years ago, one of my fellow members posted a "how-to" on how to make a mold from the exisating non-skid.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Georg and Pete

Thanks for the comments.

Here's a couple of pictures showing the current position (one taken earlier today).

I had a look at the links on restoring non slip patterns and the link you gave had some good pictures.

I'm still in two minds about this - I think matching the non slip pattern will be difficult especially blending it in to the existing pattern. My current inclination is to go for a basic texture in the right areas and then paint the deck so that it's all the same colour. I think that will look OK.

I don't think I'm ever going to be able to pretend it's not been repaired so I don't feel the need to disguise it completely - what I'm aiming for is that you need a second glance to see the repair and I think that makes paint the best finish as it guarantees a good colour match.

At the moment I'm inclined to try and produce a textured finish using thickened resin and a roller or a brush. I think I'm going to need to experiment before I try that bit.



Russell said:
My current inclination is to go for a basic texture in the right areas and then paint the deck so that it's all the same colour. I think that will look OK.
I think that is the way to go.
Once again, I am quite impressed with your accomplishments! This should be very helpful for anyone who wants to do a similar repair. When you finish the project would you be willing to share how much time and money you invested in this repair?

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Hi Georg

I've no problem with telling what it cost. I'm not sure that I want to add up how much time I've spent though - far more than the boat justifies. I'm sure I'd make a profit on the boat if I sold it but it would be a poor rate of pay.

For the costs the running total for the repair (mainly resin and foam core) is about £65.(UK pounds).

I still need to buy some paint and an inspection port for the repair.

That brings the total on the boat so far to about £230 - I still need some new deck fairleads and a cunningham rope and a ratchet block would be nice.

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Here's a picture showing it today. I'm just about ready to paint it.

The central strip is smooth - I masked that off and applied filler with a roller to the rest of the repaired area.



wow... looks impressive! Thanx for sharing the pics and your journey doing this project! I hope you're feeling a sense of achevment with it all. Well done :)