Help with cleaning a very dirty Laser

I am trying to clean a laser that was left out for many years without any covers. I thoroughly cleaned it using soapy water and elbow grease and attached are photos of its current state.
There are still many dirty marks, and a layer of dirt seems almost baked into the surface. There are scuffy dirty marks on the gunnels as well as many stains on the underneath of the boat.

I seek guidance on cleaning it.

I have seen Soft Scrub recommended. Is it good? I live in the UK, is there a UK supermarket equivalent?

Is comet cleanser more abrasive than soft scrub? is it too abrasive?

Is acetone more powerful than the above and how should I use it?



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It looks like you have done a good job so far.

The non-skid pattern is always hard to clean - I just use detergent and a scrubbing brush.

To be honest, I would just leave it at that and enjoy the boat and go sailing.

But, your last picture concerns me (the one with the shadow of your fingers), it looks like a crack there. Is that underneath the mast step? If so, that definitely needs further investigation and repair before you go sailing.
I have not used Muriatic Acid but hear good stuff. The thing I remember hearing about it is the time sensitivity aspect. It needs to go on then needs to come off pretty quick or it can do some damage. There is either a string in here somewhere or in

Good luck - I agree with above, it looks pretty good.