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Hi, Im new to the site and have recently decided to get back into sailing a sunfish. I am planning to buy a used boat and am looking for places around the Jacksonville, FL area that sell parts for Sunfish sailboats.

Any info is appreciated.

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P.S. Great site!
hi there
i am also new at the site and planning to buy a used one for this summer.
i have found one in here but the body does not look ok.
i wonder if i can fix the problems with the grp body.
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Upside down?
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You can fix almost anything on a Sunfish, but sometimes it's more economical or convenient to find a better second-hand boat to begin with. I realize that the Sunfish market is extremely thin in Turkey, so fixing one up may be the better option. Florida is quite another market of course.

There is a lot of information on this Forum regarding all kinds of repairs (use the Search function) and the Yahoo!Groups (Sunfish Sailor) site offers additional wisdom.