Frankenboat Build Rigging Question?

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Hi All,

Last November, my dingy went on a little self directed adventure and ended up washed up on a rocky shore and now looks like Swiss Cheese ( a few pictures attached if you are interested). The hull itself is not worth repairing as it was old, waterlogged, leaking around the daggerboard and at the end of its life. After a summer of some of the best wind I've seen on the lake I sail on, i've decided to DIY a Hobby Kat(SailBoats Hobby Kat) so I can get back out on the water.

14513536_10154481364615050_2019658744_o.jpg 14522293_10154481364580050_1045427488_o.jpg

My swiss cheese boat was a bombardier hull which I had rigged with Laser equipment. All of the laser rigging survived the adventure and is in good condition. What I want to do is rig the Hobby Kat with my Laser equipment (hence Frankenboat) but the plans ask for a stayed mast, the laser mast is non-stayed. Is that going to cause me troubles? Will deck mounting a keel mounted mast be asking for trouble?

Is there any other advice you might pass along to me? I am open to suggestions and ideas.

Thanks in advance!


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Deck mounted masts (mostly) use a compression post between the bottom
of the deck and the keel. The mast sits on top the deck above the compression post.