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Daffodils bloomed late January,'s time!

I think would be a good spot to post dates and locations. Give a little heads up. And the event could be any mess about.

If there was a calendar drop down along the top bar of this website, would anyone look at it? Might be fun to look at what the other Sailing Forum folks had going on and do some cross talk.


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This sounds awesome and is exactly what I've been looking for.

I'm sure there are tons of Sunfish sailors up here in Massachusetts who are looking to sail, aren't part of a club and are intimidated by club sanctioned events.

I like to sail on the Cape on Waquoit Bay. The only issue I have is the parking there is really limited. I used to sail in Quissett harbor where my parents kept their Catalina 27, but it was very hard to find a launching point and the local yacht was less than helpful.

joe c

ps, im looking for a local ride on a turbo hobie14. i want one soooo bad. haha. can anyone help convince me i dont need one?

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Kwedashi majeshma = Sunfish Gathering

The phrase above comes from Algonquian, more specifically one of my ancestral languages Neshnabe. The Potawatomi host an annual Gathering of Nations, so I've always liked the idea of Sunfish getting together and bringing their people with them. But I never had quite the right term...race, raid, regatta, mess about...but gathering fits nicely in my brain.

Here's a gathering of jimanen (boats). Just add water and beings.


Algonquian is verb heavy, verbs are animated and describe "beings," people, fish, trees as one (he/she/it). So if you saw Skipper on a Sunfish you'd say "Skipper bmasen kwedashi." (Skipper, Sunfish, gather beings she does).


My other options were Gaelic (Iasc greine ag bailiu), German (Sonnefisch Sammeln), or Texan (Sunfish Shindig).

The mighty Sunfish does indeed bring us together, globally and year round.

We look forward to all the meetups, shindigs, races, gatherings and etc... this year. Grandview Island in Hampton VA is one destination, a group there sails most weekends and holidays. And if known far enough in advance we'll start broadcasting when/where we're headed out. Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival still pencilled in. Here's a photo from the MASCF website...

MASCF Sunfish.jpeg

What is you ancestral word for Hello?

Bama pi (later)
Kiktowne wges
(I am Speaker's son)


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ps, im looking for a local ride on a turbo hobie14. i want one soooo bad. haha. can anyone help convince me i dont need one?
Nay, if you want a quick solo cat, get a Hobie 17, Hobie 17 Sport, or Hobie FX-One. The BEST 1 or 2 person cats. At least in the Hobie line. I'm sure the smaller NACRAs are fun too.