filling a perfect hole in the deck

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Hi everyone

My first post -- very pleased to have found this site through Google.

I came down to the dock last summer to find a girder sticking out of my deck. A small metal girder, but a girder all the same. I was expecting blood when I pulled it out. The hole appears to be quite deep (not so round -- I could not stick my finger into it). It's on a slight angle ( as if someone working in the water on the dock had got fed up and tossed the girder like a spear behind him).

I am a complete neophyte with repairs. Any advice would be welcome (I decided against stuffing the hole with leaves and bark).

Many thanks. I have a few other repair issues, but this is the one that's keeping it out of the water.

Any qualified First Aider will tell you.....never remove the penetrated object, as you risk heavier bleeding.
What kind deck material are we talking about here? Can't picture a metal object hitting a deck at an angle and still being able to penetrate it.
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This is a "standard" Laser 1 deck (1976 vintage). I have no idea what kind of material those decks are made of. And you may be right about the odds of a metal girder getting stuck in it, especially on an angle. I prefer my frustrated dock builder theory to an act of vandalism. Either way, the hole is definitely there...



Leaves and grass are the wrong filler. You need bread and baloney. The deck is a sandwich of fiberglass, foam, fiberglass. You can find repair tips with the Search feature here. Question is, did the "girder" penetrate the bottom layer of fiberglass as well? Also, are you on some kind of alien flight path? ;)