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I have two Seitech dollies for my Lasers and both have crappy wheels. I'd like to use something like the Opti Dolly Wheel (Optiflex) or something like it that has a bigger radius and the tires don't pop or go flat. Any ideas/recs?
I have a dolly made by Wheeleez that uses their large grey tires and I've been happy with its performance over nearly 10 years. They also sell those wheel/tire assemblies in several sizes to be used on other things. I have no idea if those wheels can be made to fit on your dollies, though.
Have you considered using rims & tires off minibikes like the Honda Z50 or Honda Trail 70? Or something along those lines? Not quad wheels with fat tires, but mini wheels (or pit bike wheels) with somewhat skinnier tires... all you'd have to do is measure the axle on that Seitech dolly (if it has an axle), buy some sort of sleeve adapter if necessary, or modify the dolly itself. The Z50s have 8" rims, while the Trail 70s have 10" rims, if I remember correctly... of course, the tires would add height. Go to and check out various bike models... here's a link to an old thread of mine at that site, it was buried so I had to search for it. Looks like that thread has had 40K views, lol... that thread was an edumacation. But this page will show ya my little offroad rocket, which was all tricked out toward the end: MX bars, extended forks with stiffer springs, burly knobbies, Clarke Racing mini-desert-thumper tank to check fuel at a glance, Piranha 140cc motor, gold chain, aluminum swingarm, b@dass aftermarket shocks, custom seat, ridiculously-over-the-top custom exhaust with carbon fiber can, etc., etc. :rolleyes:

FrankenBike---My Little Offroad Rocket

Scroll down to Post #609 to see my FrankenBike up close, lol. Damn, I miss that little bike, I should never have sold it... by the time I was done modding it out, the thing was a BEAST, lol. I'm not joking either, I'd unload that bike at the trailhead and guys with big ol' KTMs and high desert thumpers would congregate around it, taking turns sitting on it and saying, "DAMN, I GOTTA GET ONE OF THESE!!!" Lol, I always thought was hilarious... but it was a good little bike, I had a whole heap of adventures while riding it, so I got my money's worth, I just should've hung onto it. Meh, I'll probably buy a full-sized thumper next, just to handle the Arizona offroad scene. Say, you can see cool shots of Otay Mountain on Page 6, Post #112, looking down into Baja (Tijuana smog included at no additional charge, lol), but those were taken before all mods were complete. There are great offroad shots to be found scattered throughout that thread, but I noticed that some links no longer work, or the photo posting sites went under in recent years. Meh, not my problem, I was banned from the lilhonda site anyway, lol. ;)

One last bit of advice: you might try visiting an industrial warehouse or cycle salvage yard and looking for wheels suitable for your purpose... mix & match, could be off small cycles, a cart of some sort, you name it. At least the parts in those salvage yards aren't too expensive. Cheers!!! :cool:

Edit: I also noticed that in those videos, the cheesy Hero Cam made foot-deep ruts look like little wrinkles in the dirt, while grapefruit-sized rocks look like pebbles, lol. Meh, that's why I donated that camera to some skateboarders in the White Mountains, they'll get better use out of it, lol. :D
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I was just reliving some cool riding in the White Mountains, and that pit bike I used to own had a front wheel that looked to be around the size you'd want... check out the videos on Page 29 of that thread, Post #566, there are close-up shots of the front wheel somewhere in those videos. What about ordering two new front wheels from such a manufacturer, or asking the manufacturer where you can buy 'em near your home? Maybe just skip the salvage yard and go straight to a cycle parts warehouse, lol. Just my $.02, as an old school hand who likes to dial things in to the point where they work well with minimal hassle. I think I'll go back and watch those videos again, I sure enjoyed my two years in the White Mountains, despite the pit bike wipeout & ugly knee injury, lol. Cheers!!! :cool:

Edit: That wipeout footage is good for a laugh... the Hero Cam and its adhesive mount got knocked off my helmet and wound up lying in the dirt after my John Wayne Combat Roll, lol. I didn't realize that the camera (and audio) were still running, so you can hear some funny comments and painful efforts to rise after the fall. Damned knee blew up to the size of a large grapefruit or small volleyball in no time, all red and angry and painful, lol, but the REAL torture test began when I had to ride for MILES back to the trailhead, my injured leg hanging off to one side of the bike. By the time I reached the trailhead and loaded my bike, I was sweatin' from the pain, lol. Meh, just another day of trail riding in the White Mountains, a veritable paradise on earth! I miss Rim Road 300, lol... :rolleyes:
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Thank you everyone - I went with the Opti wheels - will only be on concrete and roll really nice.