Disqualification in Race Three (Anna Tunnicliffe)


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Miami, FloridaJanuary 23, 2007I turned in a strong sailing performance on the water today, finishing in fourth place in the Blue Fleet after a less than wonderful start. However a difference of opinion at the last leeward mark led to boat contact, a visit to the protest room after we got ashore, and disqualification. Despite all that, I’m still in 20th place overall in the Laser Radials with an opportunity to drop my DSQ after we’ve sailed enough races and the discard kicks in. The day started slowly with fog and flat conditions and the committee initially kept us ashore. After more waiting on the water we finally started in very light conditions. I was towards the pin end of the line and my start was not so good. The two girls to leeward of me were both obviously over early, so not wanting to push it, I held back, only to get shut out as the gun sounded.


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Re: Tunnicliffe News: Disqualification in Race Three

Interesting. Most regatta formats do not allow for a DSQ to be dropped. A poor finish, DNS, DNF or DNC can be...