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I just enjoyed Ed's article in the Main Sheet about Heavy Weather Sailing. He made several good points that were new to me.
I would like to add one word of caution about loading the center-board when capsized. I have had to right my Model 2 several times. The model 2 center-board is made from foam. It bends like a bow before I get all my 180 pounds half way out on the board. I have a sneaking suspision that I would hear a loud snap it I put my full 180 on the end of the board. I have been able to right the boat without braking the board but I use restraint.
Has anyone had one brake?
I understand that the model 3 center-boards are made from fiberglass and are much stronger.

Ed Jones

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You're right about the old boards with the foam centers. I'd be very careful about putting a lot of weight on one of those. Another disadvantage of the foam boards is that they flutter on a reach. Very annoying, and it also slows you down. The solid boards used on the Mod 3s are much stronger and don't flutter.

I have a solid Mod 3 C/B for sale, if anyone is interested. It fits any Capri 14.2 built before 1995. I'm selling it for about half the price of a new one. I have an ad in the classified section, but no takers so far. Maybe I should post it again...

Thanks for the kind words about my article.
It wasn't the subject of this thread, but I too would like to thank you for the article, Ed. You have a great writing style that is run to read.

Centerboard for sale.


I'm very interested in your centerboard. How much do you want for it, and do you have any idea how much it weighs?