Can anyone explain me about laser's photochemical effect?


Using the Laser on my own tissue, I have observed that the Standard can cause some tissue damage, both in the dermal and sub-dermal layers. Usually of the hematoma variety, but occasional lacerations. There have been reports of deaths, but these are usually accompanied by additional factors such as age and/or pre-existing conditions.

There are reports of addictions being developed over repeated Laser sessions. These are usually traced back to pre-existing chemical imbalances, so it can not be said with certainty if the Laser caused a chemical reaction or not

Finally, the less powerful Lasers known as the Radial and 4.7, IMHO, do not have enough wattage to cause problems. Their use has proven to be safe for children :p

Seriously, if you are asking this type of somewhat higher intellectual question, one would have expected you to realize you have posted in a forum dealing with SAILBOATS THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE CALLED LASERS.. :D
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thanks for the reply and I apologize if I offended anyone. I knew only by thermal effect and consequences on the eyes. I was wondering if in this case can be serious consequences on skin.


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PS: Notwithstanding what 49208 wrote, sailing a Laser is typically more fun than studying the chemical effects that lasers can generate in tissues.
I have an older laser that is still quite over powering at times. my common reaction is a tingle all over the skin when I am exposed to her beams. the tingle subsides the farther away from its station...but then I want more...I think the effect is called addiction - withdrawal syndrome. besides that, my hands get all red if I handle the laser without proper gloves.

I hope that helps.
one more that photonics a new kind of laser model?...the new and improved with carbon fiber parts?... is that class legal now?
If one's skin were exposed for long periods to the medium through which the laser travels, one could expect to see some wrinkling of the skin. The laser itself has nothing to do with this wrinkling. Lastly, The beam of the laser is not a light emission but simply the widest point of the laser itself. Time to stop burning ants, and go SAILING!


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Speaking of lasers, I've actually had some laser work done on my arms and legs to remove some of the ugly scarring I have acumulated from "unpleasent experiances". It did not work well and just hurt like heck as freezing is not used. The type of laser used is a 694.3 nm or ruby laser. The same type used for hair removal.
Using a Laser, especially a properly equipped unit, will usually eliminate "unpleasant experiences". Studies prove that continued use, accompanied by training and regular practice sessions, will eliminate practically all unpleasantness. Like any other regulated piece of equipment, in this case one with worldwide scope and a manual of approved modifications, continued use and attention to detail can assure the user of smooth operation and user satisfaction. I would suggest reaching out to your local Laser community for future plans and actual hands-on experience. All your questions and concerns will be answered. Good luck in your quest for Laser enlightenment.
I had laser treatments, and they proved to be much to powerful for my feeble body, so I had to move to radial laser treatments. These proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Now I am in sync with wind and water!