Broken Tabernacle Support

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While sailing yesterday, I heard a most unpleasant, high-pitched cracking sound coming from the mast tabernacle. Upon close inspection, I noticed tiny cracks in the fiberglass around the stainless steel tabernacle where the bottom of the mast bolts on. After gently returning to the dock I noticed very substantial cracks in my boat all around the tabernacle. Once home, I removed the four bolts and pried up some of the cracked fiberglass to reveal rotten plywood. I assume that the plywood was the mast support, which failed and in turn caused the fiberglass damage.
I assume that the cubby must be removed to access and replace the plywood. Aside from removing the screws, can anyone offer advice in removing the cubby without cracking it? It appears to be caulked and the only access to cut the caulk with a blade is from the top, which seems to only cut the top edge. Has anyone out there had this problem?
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Ed Jones

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Removing cuddy box

It's OK to remove the cuddy. It breaks out fairly easily, just remember to caulk it well when you put it back in. But my experience is second hand. Perhaps someone who's done it personally should jump in here.