Breaking News of NYT+Laser related+2011-04-01

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Hi all,
I just read at the todays frontpage of famous US Newspaper "NYT", that the conflict between the boat builders of the Laser, the international class ILCA and the ISAF overnight was regulated. I have attached a hardcopy of this frontpage for you in attachment to this words.

Remember please, of all of the disasters that happened to your good sailing mates from Japan, meanwhile the rest of the Laser sailing world nothing better has to, than do to argue about wether it is good to vote "Yes" or "No" at the Fundamental Rule of the class rules for our loved toy. If you don't trust into the banking account, please go for a check to the related website at Japan's Laser Class (I post the link below. But I highly recommend, that you need to instant translate it online, f.e. with the automaticly working online translator of the Google toolbar, if you use this toolbar)

Here is the link to the Japanese help call (just translate and scroll down a bit at that webpage)