ARC 1 and ARC 2 rigs


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I think this video is a couple of years old, and I don't see any threads on these rigs - am I missing something, or did they just not happen?

Well it’s a quite weird thing to discuss but as I remember back in a day, LP (United Kingdom) was engineering these ARC rigs and parallel to LP, there were guys from PSA (Australia) and they’ve been working on C-series rigs. Both of rigs were made in real life, but as I know only ARC went to mass production. But, if you watch the video closely you can see the tack of the sail where it says “sails by laser” and no red button, means these sails/rigs were made just for fun, also due to their price (starting from 1800$) it’s gonna be hard (I guess) to find somebody with the same rig to race against. So in my opinion almost 2000$ just for fun it’s a little bit too much.
Thanks, Nickolos, Yes, I don't race at all so don't care about class legality as I sail for fun. I was just curious if anyone ever actually had experience with those rigs, and it sounds like no....
Repeating what I said last December in the previous thread about this:
The "ARC" rigs were no more than LaserPerformance's countermove to Bethwaite's "C" rig development. The fact that they're nowhere to be seen at LP's webstore is telling. Shouldn't be a wonder if no one's discussing something that no one's buying.
I have a memory that the rigs actually popped up again at some months ago, but now they've disappeared once more. Diego Negri may really be the only one who has any left. (He's also still selling the titanium tillers, which apparently haven't seen great success, either.)