Advice on drilling holes in mast

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Need to drill some holes in the top of my mast to attach a Hobie mast float. Haven't worked with metal I need a special drill bit to do this...or are my standard set of "Craftsman" bits up to the task?

Aluminum is easy to drill thru, any bi-metal drill bit will do. All for metal drilling, use low speed and plently of cutting oil. Also start a pilot hole first. HTH.

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Thanks for quick responses!

As always --- you can count on Capri owners and association for quick helpful advice. Thanks much!

Ed Jones

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Drilling in mast

Any time you drill into the mast, be sure to coat the screws with silicon before you insert them. It not only makes the mast more watertight, it also helps prevent corrosion due to the two dissemilar metals (alum. and steel).