2017 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race

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I'd like to invite all Capri 14.6 sailors to come to Norfolk, VA for the 2017 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race! This is a unique opportunity to get into big water and put some miles under your centerboard in a safe, controlled environment. We have quite a number of safety boats along the course to help anyone in trouble. Throughout the 9 years that this regatta has run, it has been an inclusive race encouraging novices, and those who are "a bit rusty" to get out there and have some fun. The course is approximately 11 miles from a municipal boat ramp in the sheltered waters of Willoughby Bay, out in to Hampton Roads harbor, passing the Norfolk Navy Base, rounding Middle Ground Lighthouse, then heading back to Willoughby for the party. History buffs will note that these are the very waters of the fateful battle of the Civil War battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac.

As previously mentioned, this is a family friendly, laid back race with a focus on fun. There are hardcore sailors out there who sail fast as well. The race offers something for everyone.

There are one design starts for any class with 5 or more boats. There is a Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap "Open Fleet" for mono hulls and multi hulls (separate classes). So please encourage all of your dinghy sailing friends to join us.

We have had Capri 14.6 sailors participate in the past, and there were very competitive.

Hope you can join us!

Here is the link to the Regatta website: sunfish-challenge

Here is a link to a page with pictures from a previous race: 2014 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race - SpinSheet