196? Sunfish, bring it back to life!

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Nice boat!

I think there was a 1968 hull that had double blue stripes, with blue and white sail. It was mirrored by the blue deck boat that had double white stripes. There were no factory gelcoat stripes before that. In 1969 I think the AMF stickers showed up inside the cockpit.

My guess about the extra holes by the rudder deck plate is that the backer block inside rotted or the screw corroded, and they tried strapping it down from outside with 4 screws and some type of strap. When that didn't work they cut a port to access the inside and replace the wooden backer blocks.

International means the boat was sold internationally.
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Cool, thanks for the info!
Maybe I can peak under the aluminum trim and see if the front stripe was blue or red.
From reading and that brochure page I posted on page 1 I thought 1965 was the first year to have stripe options?
Great find, and thanks for bringing an old Sunfish back to life! From your description of how it was found it sounds like it might have taken on some water weight? Should be 130-140 lbs. I've never actually weighed my boats, but generally if I can lift and turn the boat over easily, by myself, I'm in range.
Of course, those inspection ports help, and you've kept them open. Before heading out for the maiden voyage, though, be sure that hull flotation isn't waterlogged.
P.S. Sweet Westy! I'm also a vintage VW lover, though I've sold my Karmann Ghia(s)
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I haven't weighed it yet, but my dad and I could easily pick it up and move it around. We even turned it on it's side to get it through my side gate. Not sure if that means much. I'll weigh it once I get a chance. I did leave the inspection port open for three week or more. It's shut now since we've been getting some rain (even though the whole thing is still wrapped in tarps). It's been too wet or too hot (90+ degrees yesterday!) to put the spar varnish on, but this weekend is looking promising.

Oh, and my dad used to have a ghia. He went 140+ mph at Bonneville with it! :eek::)